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Robert Schneider, Lt.

Hardwick, GA 31034


Reading the newspaper daily about military convoy ambushes and the growing list of driver casualties, I am sadly
reminded of many a trip in my five-ton dump truck (converted to a supply carrier) when a hit-and-run would cost us
a truck or a life. All the years since I left Nam and the 104th Engineer Company, when asked, What did you do in
Vietnam? I'd say, I drove a truck, and people seemed disappointed that I had no gung-ho stories. I got shot at by
people I never saw”and likewise shot at people I never saw in return. But now, our guys who drive are dying at a rate
that combat soldiers aren't. I hope everyone realizes that war is made on everyone.

Robert Schneider , Lt.
Hardwick, Ga
Received from an internet article.

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