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31 Name:: David Warnke
Where are you from?: Howards Grove, Wisconsin
Where were you stationed?: Bihn Tuy
Searching for a friend::
Date of Service: June 1970 to June 1971

32 First Name: Steve
Last Name: Holsclaw
Branch of Service: Army
Unit: 22nd Repl. Bn.
Stationed: Cam Rhan Bay
Date of Service: 10=68 to 6=70

33 First Name: Fletcher
Last Name: Morris
Branch of Service: Army
Unit: 104 th
Stationed: viet nam
Date of Service: 02/04/70 - 05/24/71
Comments: like to see and talk to all you guys

34 First Name: Ronald
Last Name: Rice
Branch of Service: Army
Unit: 1o4th, 25th inf, 86th trans
Stationed: cu chi, bien hoa,tavninh
Date of Service: mar.64- jan 74

35 First Name: Roy
Last Name: Orr
Branch of Service: Army
Unit: 104th & 362nd
Stationed: Long Binh, Cu Chi, Tay ninh & Nui Ba Den
Date of Service: 1968 / 1969
Comments: I was with the 104th from Feb.68 to Sept.68 I was a truck driver, radio opp.& Company artist. the 104th was in Long Binh untill
Sept.68 the we moved to Cu Chi. Anyone remember the cartoon on the Mess Hall wall, that was some of my work.

36 First Name: Michael
Last Name: Brodhead
Branch of Service: Army
Unit: 523d Field Artillery Missile Bn
Stationed: Fort Bliss, Texas
Date of Service: 21 Jul 54 to 20 Jun 56
Comments: Fine web site

37 First Name: Steve
Last Name: Brockway
Branch of Service:
Date of Service:
Comments: Just checking out some history on my dad Bruce E Brockway

38 First Name: Gerrit
Last Name: Vanderwell
Branch of Service: Army
Unit: 104th (DT) 2nd Trans., 597th Trans. 0f the 27th Trans Bat. 50 cal. Gunner on Cold Sweat
Stationed: Soc trang and then to the central highlands Quin Yong (spelling may be off)
Date of Service: 71 and 72
Comments: Proud to Serve

39 First Name: Gary
Last Name: Showalter
Branch of Service: army
Unit: Bco 554th Eng Batt
Stationed: Cu Chi
Date of Service: 68-69
Comments: I remember working with some of you guys , and will be at the 20th reunion this July 06 Gary 704 788 1980

40 First Name: Donna
Last Name: Bilotti-Kerrick
Branch of Service: Marines Daughter
Unit: 1st Marine Division, Iwo Jima
Date of Service: 1940-1944
Comments: Another Marine reporting for duty sir, Ive spent my time in hell Semper Fi

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