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11 Name:: Jerrold B.Jerry or Carp Carpenter

Address: 1595 Columbine Place

Colorado Springs,CO 80907-4755


Year Served: Sep.1967 to Mar.1969
MOS: Heavy Equipment Rebuild & 64B20 Dispatcher at 104th Motor Pool
Fond Memory:

12 Name:: Jack Clymer
Address: 49 hippoorwill Plaza
Year Served: 1969 thu 1971
MOS: Engineer
Fond Memory:

13 Name:: Tex William Worcester
Address: 8 Whitethorn Way Baltimore, Md. 21220
Year Served: 11/69 - 11/69
MOS: 64B20
Fond Memory:

14 Name:: Ralph Rice
Address: 19 Jamestown Ave. Englewood, FL 34223
Year Served: Jan. 1968-Jan.1969
MOS: 64b20
Fond Memory:

15 Name:: Edward T Lyons
Address: 150 West Towne Place Titusville, Fl 32796
Year Served: Class of Feb. 67 and Sept. 68 TET68 Battle for Tan Son Nhut Air Base
MOS: 11b2f
Fond Memory: I sure enjoyed you web site well done and keep up the good work I well be back time to check it out. God Bless Ed Lyons US
Army Combat Veteran

16 Name:: David Norman, Melbourne, Florida served with 173rd ABN BDE, 68-69 Bong Son, Vietnam.
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Address: 1241 Elcon drive, West Melbourne, Florida 32904 321-768-7545
Year Served: June 68- June 69
MOS: 11F4P... Infantry Operations Sergeant/ Airborne
Fond Memory: Watching the stars at night...assuming you weren't on

17 Name:: Olen W.  Riffle
Address: 200 sergant road gassaway wv 26624
Year Served: 1969 1970
MOS: 64b20
Fond Memory:

18 Name:: Jack Clymer
Address: 249 whippoorwill plaza
Year Served: 1969-1971
Fond Memory:

19 Name:: Floyd E. Peck
Address: 8476 Chinkapin Circle Cicero, NY 13039
Year Served: 1969-1970
MOS: 63 C 30
Fond Memory:

20 Name:: John B. Bickford
Address: box 25 Chemung,N.Y. 14825
Year Served: 1967 to 1969
MOS: 63B20
Fond Memory:

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