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David L. Robinson, SP4

August 1969 to August 1970


He knew Larry Maycock, James Peek &
Benny Wilhelm
There is a story going around That David Robinson and Benny Wilhelm came up on a
convoy of 18 wheeler's, being lead by MP's in the wheeled ducks (armored vehicle) . David
and Benny tried to pass the 18 wheelers when the MP's motioned them to fall back into
the convoy, they were not about to let him pass. Benny said at this time David had
enough and maybe in one of the first cases of road rage in a combat zone, he dropped
down a gear and turned off the road into a field and went around the convoy,this caused
the MP's some grief and a chase pursued that went on for a few miles ending only David
crossed over a bridge near Saigon and came to an intersection where the MP's surrounded
him, after some small talk on how he may have made an error in judgement they
demanded him to give them his drivers license, well it seems that David was with the 588th
before he came to the 104th, so he gave him that license, he and Benny went back to the
base sure that an Article-15 would come of this, it didn't, and it is thought that those
MP's spent all of their time grilling members of the 588th looking for these two guys, and
knowing the mentality of the MP's they may still be looking for him to this day.

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