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Richard Pratt


Company Clerk, Supply guy, General Gopher

1966 to 1968
Phu Loi, Cu Chi

Prescott, AZ. 86305

Greetings, everyone.

I was a member of the original 104th Engineers that
assembled at Ft. Meade, Maryland in the fall of 1966, then
went to Vietnam via troopship (the S.S. Darby) out of
Oakland Dec. 26th, 1966. Our Captain was Ernest Boyer,
from Salt Lake City, and our !st Sargent was Wayne
Cantwell (now deceased), the youngest E-8 in the U.S.
Army at that time. One of our platoon Sergeants was guy
Levingston who will be at the reunion. I'm still working on
attending. Anybody out there part of this or need more
history. I have a good memory, considering.....

Richard Pratt
2008-03-09 20:30:19 GMT

I spoke with Richard Platt last night, he is doing well and
still looking to find friends that he knew, I told him of a
new member that we heard from, his name is Manuel
Montero, he is from Trenton New Jersey and came over
with all the trucks for the 104th. Ralph Keiper

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