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Richard Mellon, Lt.


Boyne City, MI 49712


The operation into Cambodia was
commander by me, We were under
fire at least 5 times, as you know we
received rockets, mortars & small
arms fire, My jeep was hit bad, 10
away from me, Sgt. Mays & Sgt.
Herea were both wounded and were
medivaced back. Five trucks had to
be towed in because of radiator and
tire etc, damage. We had light armor
support and they returned extremely
heavy (Loud) fire. Thank God for
The constant stress of worrying what
was around every curve played
heavy on us all. Wish I had keep a
Lt. Riese wasn't there at that time
but he was pinned down under fire on
his first trip out with Sgt. Plummer
near long Binh, I was there also but
1/4 mile away. Heavy tanks were
with us that time at my request, they
fired every round they had, the road
was a foot deep with brass (105 or
120mm) probably. Talk about scary
and noisy, it's a miracle any of us
can hear.
Dick Mellon

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