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Mays,Curtis SSG


From Captain Bruce Brockway, Sgt Mays, a squad
leader E5.  I went to visit him in the hospital at
Long Binh before he was shipped out.

He was wounded in Cambodia


I don`t see Sgt. Mays listed, he and a motor sgt.(Hispanic name) were wounded in Cambodia when we went there with rock for a bailey bridge approach. Mays was the units master scrounger! Do you remember when we went for months with only single tires on the 5 ton duals because of a shortage? Mays radioed one day to send all available trucks to depot, he came back with 200 new tires that we despertly needed.

I loaned him my new am/fm radio in hospital (he had schrapnel in his ass) and he was shiped out the next day, I want the dam thing back damit lol.

We were rocketed and received mortars & small arms fire. We had armor support and they let them have it. S3 decided it was too dangerous there and ordered an air strike on the bridge the next day. No one ever drove across it. My jeep & 5 trucks were disabled.

Only casualties that I knew of in my year. 79th bridge co.built the bridge.


That base camp that John mentions by a motor tent was NE out hwy QL1, maybe

75 miles.

 I have ALL of the maps I used there (all over 3 core), a big roll if you need them.



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