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Edwin Lavergne

104th Eng. Co. Feb 67-68
Bien Hoa, Cu Chi, Tay Ninh


From an E-mail received from Edwin March 23,2005

He mentioned that he may have some 8mm film from 1976.

We started in Long Bien in Feb. 68 spent some time there as
we built the dirt road from Bien Hoa to Chu Chi, then we
transferred to Chu Chi,  where we were stationed we got hit
most every night. They hit the motor pool and the cubos
(outhouse) was blown up.
From Chu Chi we traveled to Tay Ninh where we hit land
mines, everyday at least one truck . . . From Chu Chi to Tay
Ninh we slept in mud puddles, we had no cover even in the
rain . . . We had no home. Eight of us got together and
assembled the cool cat clam.
We traveled everywhere together until we split up, that was
the saddest thing in my life because I loved those guys like

my own brothers...we were seperated/we cried for awhile
because we were all we had for almost a year. I finished my
tour and got sent to Virginia and never saw them again, I
miss those guys and would love to hear from them again, as I
remember some of their names, Wewe/Sandez from New
Orleans, Steinhower from Indiana, my Sargent whom saved
my life twice but I can't remember his name because I lost
all my information when my Mother passed away.

PS.  Edwin Lavergne became a minister.

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