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1st. Lt. David J. Gaines
29 May 1971
DEROS date in mid September.

Pinson, Al, 35126-4028

Look out when you Google your own name.
There is no telling what you might find.
I was indeed the commanding officer of the 104th for a
short time.  There was a shortage of captains and I was the
senior Lt so I got the job.  It was only a few weeks, not the
July 71 to Oct 71 as listed.  I was home before Oct 71.  I
will look through my photos and see if I have anything of
the 104th.  I am pretty sure I have the unofficial patch
from that time.  Will scan and email what I find.  

Thanks for the website.  We were attached to the 69th Eng

Bn.  I have searched for it but come up empty.

David J Gaines
1Lt CE  

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