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Ludger (Lee) Gagne, CW2



Grand Junction, CO. 81505

Spoke with Lee today 3/27/11, after a
career with the service he came home
and is now a Blacksmith.
These guys performed miracles! They
scrounged engines and did depot level
replacement under brutal conditions.
They kept us safe by keeping us from
breaking down! We usually had one of
their mechanics with us, sometimes with
the wrecker
when on long operations. On one
operation to put rock in a mud mired fire
base, the trucks had to be towed in &
out by a D7
Dozer. That night they replaced the
complete brake systems on every truck
that was there.
Bravo Motor pool!
Dick Mellon



CW2 Luther Gague
Picture supplied by Richard Forster


CW2 Luther Gagne


Chief Gagne (Motor Officer) cooking up a meal on the charcoal grill
Picture supplied by Richard Forster

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