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Veronica Fraser


Jan. 5, 1968. I was a mechanic in the 104th. I spent time in Long Binh,
Tay Ninh, French Fort, Katum, and Cu Chi.


I arrived on Jan. 5th, 1968 and I spent a little time in Long Binh and then caught
up with the unit in Tay Ninh, I was there a few days and then went to French
Fort. That's where I was when the 1968 Tet Offensive began. We got cut off for
12 days, that was a pretty wild time. I then was sent up to Katum, which was a
couple of miles from the Cambodian border. My first 4 or 5 months were the
heaviest. We finally settled into Cu Chi and stayed in that area for the
remainder of my time. When I arrived we had 48 5-ton Dumps and when I left on
Jan. 1, 1969 we had 24. The unit must have grown after I left. I think we only had
2 platoons. You had a total of over 80 trucks.  I live in Gilroy Ca, the Garlic

John Fraser

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