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Jerry Carpenter

Judy Carpenter

Heavy Equipment Rebuild

Sept 1967- March 1969

September 1967, then did a month with the 500th, then finished
my tour with the 104th Dump Truck Co. (We Drop Our Rocks
Anywhere) plus an extended six month tour.

Colorado Springs, CO 80907-4755

Waking up one morning between Cu Chi and the Cambodian
border to an in camp fire fight between an M-16 toting cook and a
poor unarmed Boa Constrictor. After an hour or so of the one
sided fire fight we found the infiltrator in amongst the well

"Have massage table, will travel" carpenter".

J. B. Carpender, John Fraser, Jimmy (Gramps) Milligan, Philip
Rink, Kerry Millick and Dave VanWinkle are close friends and still
keep in touch every year.

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