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Craig Bates, SGT

Served 2 tours

Winter Park, FL. 32789

I was transferred from the 69th Eng. Group (Binh
and was in the 104th for my last six months in service.

August 23, 2006 Dianne writes:
In August 2005 we moved to Winter Park, Florida
(Orlando area) from the lake effect cold of Grosse
Michigan.  The forecast for today is a high of 92 with
a low of 72.  :)
Craig retired a few years ago after 30 years as a
engineer for Daimler Chrysler.
Our daughter, Annie, is now eight years old and in the
third grade.  She is the joy of our life.  
We have a combined total of six other grown children
and ten grandchildren.

We "hope" to get motivated and attend the reunion.  
Craig needs to meet and reminisce about that stressful

time in his life.  Hopefully if we attend we will be
driving our motor home and will find a site that is
convenient to all your activities.

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